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MEDTOX is led by a strong experienced management group and a highly trained and qualified laboratory staff.

Dr. Mark G. Catlin, M.D.

Medical Director/Laboratory Director

Education: Doctorate (Medicine), University of Minnesota; BA (Biology), Gustavus Adolphus

Experience: Medical Director for Three Rivers Pathology in Minnesota. Board Certified, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, 1986; and Cytopathology, 1999

MEDTOX History: Dr. Catlin began working as a consultant for our clinical diagnostics laboratory in 2002. Dr. Catlin joined MEDTOX full-time as the Medical Director in August 2007, and was appointed the Laboratory Director in 2008. Dr. Catlin oversees the daily operations of the laboratory.

Dr. Jennifer A. Collins, Ph.D., PHCert-CC, DABFT

Director, Forensic Laboratory

Education: Doctorate (Physiology), Northwestern University in Chicago; BS (Zoology), University of Michigan; Certificate in Public Health, University of Minnesota

Experience: Research and Laboratory Management at Children’s Memorial Hospital, Bio-Analytical Technologies and MEDTOX Bio-Analytical in Chicago

MEDTOX History: Dr. Collins joined MEDTOX in 1991. She is the Director of Forensic Toxicology as well as the designated Responsible Person under the National Laboratory Certification Program. Dr. Collins oversees the workplace drug testing laboratory and provides technical oversight for the clinical and occupational toxicology laboratories.

Gregory C. Janis, MS

Scientific Director

Education: MS (Toxicology), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; BA (Chemistry) and BS (Biochemistry), Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Experience: Experience developing and utilizing analytical and bioanalytical methods for the measurement of pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, and neurotransmitters using a variety of analytical techniques while working within various universities and contract laboratories.

MEDTOX History: Mr. Janis joined MEDTOX in June 2000 as an R&D Chemist. In 2004, Mr. Janis became an Associate Director of Research and Development, and in April 2007, was appointed Director of Research and Development. In 2009, Mr. Janis was promoted to Scientific Director, overseeing inorganic analysis, chromatographic based therapeutic drug monitoring, clinical toxicology, and assay development activities.

Dr. Karla J. Walker, Pharm.D., DABCC, FACB

Director, Clinical Toxicology

Education: Doctorate (Pharmacy), University of Minnesota; BS (Pharmacy), University of Minnesota; BS (Medical Technology), Mankato State University

Experience: Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry, 1998; and a fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, 2000

MEDTOX History: Dr. Walker began working at MEDTOX in 1985 as a Medical Technologist. She rejoined the MEDTOX staff in 1993 after completing a doctorate in pharmacy and a 2-year research fellowship in pharmacokinetics at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Walker is active in the MEDTOX research mission and functions as a certifying scientist in the review, release, and interpretation of laboratory results.

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